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August 23, 2014

Since the announcement a couple weeks ago that Zillow would be acquiring Trulia for an estimated $3.5B, people have been asking us what kind of effect the acquisition will have on the real estate world.  In short, very little.  You’ll now only have to visit one site for massive amounts of misleading information, instead of two.

As we blogged a little over a year ago, neither site pulls listings from the MLS and neither site fines Realtors for outdated info.  As a result, a large percentage of what appear to be active listings are actually pending, sold, expired, or withdrawn listings, and in some cases, were never available in the first place.

By joining forces, we anticipate the new mega-site will get prettier and shinier, but the content will still suck.  Don’t rely on a site like this for your new home search – it’s great for browsing and getting ideas, but if you’re serious about a new home, it will frustrate you beyond comprehension.

Instead, call a Realtor.  Work with an agent who can provide you with current and accurate listings – as well as insight, reliable market analysis and actual interaction.  If you’re into that sort of thing.  Connect with us today and let our office do the work for you!

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