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January 04, 2018


More news on the Brewster-Douglass site development, albeit the rec center and not the main sections of the parcel; according to Crain’s Detroit, a proposal is in to re-develop the Brewster-Douglas Recreation Center into 200 apartments. MHT Housing Inc. is attempting to buy the 6-acre parcel and would construct 3 additional buildings in addition to the renovation of the rec center…

Brewster-Wheeler Rec Center Re-development


After MDOT released a rendering of how the redeveloped areas around I-375 would look once the highway is removed, Bedrock Detroit tweeted out their own pic (see below), featuring the (eventual) Brewster-Douglass project in the foreground, to the lower left. So, I guess we’re happy to report it’s still a thing…

Updated Brewster-Douglass Site project via I375 rendering.


Bedrock Detroit CEO Kofi Bonner spoke with Multi-Housing News about various Bedrock projects around Detroit, touching briefly on the Brewster-Douglas site, but not really providing any new info… “Bedrock remains committed and passionate about the Frederick Douglass project in Detroit’s historic Brush Park neighborhood. We are actively evaluating development plans for the project and expect to have updated plans and associated details later this year.”


We created an updated post with new details about the Brewster-Douglas site and the revised development plans, available here.


The City of Detroit has decided against applying for a $30M HUD Choice Neighborhoods grant, deciding instead to sell the 18-acre Brewster-Douglass site to Dan Gilbert’s real estate arm, Bedrock LLC. Citing a “very narrow path” to approval via the HUD application, the city will sell the parcel to Bedrock for $23M, pending approval from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The deal, which includes plans for 700 rental and for-sale residential units, would represent the largest property in the Bedrock Detroit portfolio (based on acreage) if approved.

In addition to more than 50 buildings in the downtown core, Bedrock, and affiliated companies currently own several parcels of land, including the 8.4-acre City Modern site (with partners), the 3.5-acre Monroe Blocks site; and the 2-acre Hudson’s site.  With the addition of the Brewster-Douglass site and rumored involvement in other downtown parcels, such as the Wayne County Jail site (15 acres), the Uniroyal site (43 acres), and the River East site (10+ acres with General Motors), Bedrock could end up accumulating nearly 100 acres in or near downtown.

To read more about the Brewster-Douglass sale, check out this article in The Detroit News.

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