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March 29, 2018

If you’ve passed through the intersection of 11 Mile & Main Street in Downtown Royal Oak recently, you’ve likely noticed significant activity; get ready for more. The 5-story Billings Place project was announced earlier this month, and will feature 65 residential units on the site of the current Billings Lawn Equipment store, which is expected to relocate.  The development, located on the west side of Main Street (just north of 11 Mile), will be designed as condominiums, but will be rented out initially. Developers say they could be sold as condos in a couple years, depending on market demand.  Expect 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options, a penthouse area with a roof garden on the top floor, and on-site parking.

In addition to Billings Place, there are two other projects in the area of 11 Mile & Main Street that are already underway: the office building at 150 2nd Street (south side of 11 Mile, just west of Main Street) is nearing completion; and the mixed-use Hyatt Place Project (north of 11 Mile, on the east side of Main Street), is well underway.

You can read more about Billings Place project in The Oakland Press, here.

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