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December 23, 2014

Suck it, Chase.  That was the message our clients delivered last week, and it was glorious.  Preparing to close on their new home and thrilled that the builder was able to sneak them in before Christmas, they had everything ready to go and were assured Chase would have no problem closing on time.  Until Chase had a problem closing on time.  After more than a week of ridiculous delays and complete indifference by management, they did what so many people would love to do but don’t have the resources: they fired Chase and closed with cash instead.

It was the second time we’d seen that happen in the past couple months.  Watching as the bank was stripped of its ability to bully clients who would otherwise be at the mercy of their policy and procedure, was something worth witnessing.  Sure, we get that Jamie Dimon probably won’t receive a memo regarding this closing, but it was felt on a local level and our hope is that feeling somehow trickles upwards.

Our mortgage rep was very nice and his frustration (whether legit or contrived) seemed to match ours, however once he uploaded this file in to the vast ocean of bank bureaucracy, he lost control of it and in turn, lost the deal.  Of course, this could have been completely avoided by working with the builders’ preferred lender or a bank accustomed to working with new home construction, but familiarity always seems safest.  People go with who they know and they probably shouldn’t be punished for that… but Chase happens.

So we thank our clients for taking a stand and wish them all the best in their new home.  And to those of you who have been there and done that with Chase, hopefully this brought the same smile to your face that it brought to ours.  Happy Holidays from New Home Experts Realty 😉

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