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December 28, 2017

A potential land-swap seems likely between Nosan Ventures and Bloomfield Hills Schools, that could lead to a condo development off Wing Lake Road in Bloomfield Township. Nosan currently owns a 4.6 acre parcel on Franklin Road, adjacent to the E.L. Johnson Nature Center.  Area residents, as well as the superintendent of BHS, are worried that the construction of homes would adversely impact the district-owned conservation site that serves students and the public, with a 40-acre spread for natural space and educational programming.

The swap would exchange the Franklin Road parcel, for 8+ acres near the Bloomfield Hills Schools HQ, on Wing Lake Road, pushing the development further from the nature center.  C&G is reporting Nosan would build a 10-unit condo development on the new parcel, but both entities still need to sign-off on the deal.

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