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October 08, 2020

With our partners in Las Vegas, we are excited to announce, Expertos en Casas Nuevas® – a new division dedicated to serving Latino homebuyers in the new construction market.

The new division will be dedicated to serving Latino homebuyers in the new construction market, featuring meaningful and relevant content about the home buying process.  A new website,, social media and video content will be created and tailored specifically for the Latino community rather than simply translating existing content from English to Spanish.

As our VP of sales for the Vegas office Alex Vazquez notes, “Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in Southern Nevada, however, we remain significantly underserved by the real estate industry.”

Peter Guzman, president of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, said he’s excited to support this initiative as it is well-aligned with the chamber’s goal to promote the economic growth and development of Latinos in Las Vegas. “My dream is to see Latinos continue to move forward,” said Guzman. “Homeownership is a direct path to progress and a proven formula to building wealth.”

As our partner and founder of the Vegas office Jennifer Graff notes: “Hispanic households have substantial buying power in Southern Nevada, we provide exceptional service and honest representation to help those families achieve the American dream of home ownership.”

You can read more about the project, here. If successful, we plan to expand it to our Metro Detroit market, and beyond.

Lou Bitove & Jeff Bortnick, owners of The New Home Experts®, have more than 35 years combined experience in real estate, much of that with builders like Pulte & Toll Brothers.  They also provide market research for area builders, developers and national firms.  If you’re considering a new home, remember: the builders rep represents the builder, not you.  Work with the only local agents in Metro Detroit to specialize in new homes, and save money in the process – ask us how!

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