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January 31, 2018

Construction has started on Temple West, a 285,000 sqft mixed-use building at the corner of Temple & Park, about a block north of Little Caesars Arena.  The 7-story building will feature 3,600 sqft of first floor retail, and about 730 parking spaces; it is part of the 45+ block area known as The District Detroit.

According to Olympia Development, office and/or residential space could be included in the project, but nothing has been confirmed yet.  The $30M building is expected to be complete by the end of this year.

Our guess?  No residential or office component will be added – but don’t fret!  There are currently about 700 residential units in the works in the area, so it’s going to be ok.  Enjoy that added parking in close proximity to the LCA (have we already forgotten the disaster that was the parking situation at the JLA??) and instead, hope for some good eats along the first floor retail section.  Waiting in line to leave a parking garage after a game will be much more enjoyable when you can send the person sitting shotgun downstairs to grab food.

Read more about the project via Crain’s Detroit here.

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