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February 06, 2024

Often overlooked yet incredibly consistent in the world of Southeast Michigan real estate, Sterling Heights has remained a popular inner(ish)ring suburb on Metro Detroit’s east side for decades. In this post, we look at new homes in Sterling Heights and review recent neighborhoods, detail those that are currently selling, and sneak a peek at what is on the horizon.

While the boundaries of Metro Detroit continue to push north and west, there will always be a sizable portion of the population who wants to remain close to the city. For some, it comes down to an easier commute; for others, it’s staying in/near the community in which they were raised. For many people, Sterling Heights checks both of those boxes and more.

Located to the north of Warren and just east of the Troy/Rochester area, Sterling Heights offers excellent proximity to Downtown Detroit, as well as the various work centers in Oakland County, like Troy and Southfield. And it’s less than 2 miles from Royal Oak, making access to the metro area’s reigning suburban location for dining and entertainment just minutes away.

Though many people have left over the years to find more spacious surroundings in Macomb Township and Shelby Township, the school district is largely the same for all three locales: Utica Community Schools. So if a palatial estate isn’t necessary for you, there isn’t much reason to look elsewhere in the area.

However, like most inner-ring suburbs, vacant land can be difficult to find – certainly, plots of land large enough for an entire neighborhood. Typically, an old school no longer in use, or a former commercial/industrial site (which often requires re-zoning and a potential clean up/remediation) are the way to make a residential neighborhood in these locations happen.

Let’s look at the neighborhoods that just finished up, those that are currently active, and those that might break ground in the foreseeable future.

Recent New Homes In Sterling Heights

Lombardo Homes – Lombardo recently completed 2 neighborhoods on either side of 18 1/2 Mile, between Mound and Ryan Roads; Palm Ryan and Hidden Estates (pictured below). Both neighborhoods were tiny, featuring less than 20 homes each; the latter closed out first with, prices topping out in the upper $400s and lower $500s in late 2022. The former closed out towards the second half of 2023, with prices well into the mid-$600s. Lombardo has been a Sterling Heights staple for years, so expect more from them in the area at some point.

Pulte HomesFuhrmann Woods was started by Clearview Homes back in 2020, and then picked up by Pulte Homes in late 2021; both builders experienced brisk sales, and while homes started in the upper $300s when the neighborhood opened, they soared into the mid-$500s by the time the last homes sold. Pulte also recently closed out Woodland Hills, featuring slightly smaller homes than Fuhrmann, near Ryan Road and Hall Road. These homes started out around $400K, and then closed out within about 24 months with prices north of $500K.

To the best of our knowledge, neither Lombardo or Pulte have any new homes in Sterling Heights on the horizon, but that could change – Pulte in particular is known for purchasing neighborhoods that have already started, or picking up later phases, so stay tuned.

New homes in Sterling Heights; Hidden Estates by Lombardo Homes

Current New Homes in Sterling Heights – February 2o24

Maple Woods – Windmill Homes, which has had success with a similar product in Livonia (or as we like to call it, Sterling Heights West), is on the back end of this neighborhood with less than half left to sell. Featuring 5 different floorplans (including 1 ranch and 4 colonials), these homes offer 1,740 sqft to 2,500+ sqft in size and a price range now starting in the low $400s (but quickly heading north of $500K with upgrades). Located on the south side of Maple Road (just west of Schoenherr) it’s adjacent to Baumgartner Park and across the street from Maple Lane Golf Club.

Plumbrook – This intimate neighborhood on the south side of Utica Road and just north of Metro Parkway, is also on the back half of the development. The builder, Excel Homes, is offering a mix of floorplans with colonial, split-level, and ranch options ranging in size from 2,500 sqft to over 3,000 sqft. Current pricing has these selling in the upper $500s, and well into the $600s with upgrades.

Spring Meadows – With prices passing the $700K mark on some of their current listings, this is where we are in the winter of 2024; approaching three-quarters of a million dollars for new construction in Sterling Heights. Builder Palazzolo does build a beautiful home, worthy of a lofty price tag, and while Boomers may struggle with Sterling Heights from the $700s, there is no reason why this city should be priced any differently than some of it’s geographically similar neighbors. Located near 18 1/2 and Ryan, these homes range in size from 1,800 sqft to over 3,600 sqft.

New homes in Sterling Heights: Spring Meadows and Spring Brook by Palazzolo Homes

New Homes In Sterling Heights – Coming Soon!

Spring Brook – Adjacent to Spring Meadows, Spring Brook (also by Palazzolo) will feature larger lots than Spring Meadows (though our understanding is the same floor plans), so let’s not rule out the upper $700s or maybe even above $800K. No timetable is available, but it makes sense that they start while Spring Brook is still going (or directly after it closes out), so our guess is some point this year, or maybe early 2025.

Lakeside Mall Redevelopment – Of course, the most newsworthy (and asked-about) project in Sterling Heights at the moment, is the $1B re-development of Lakeside Mall (pictured below). Plans call for most of the existing structure to be raised (minus a couple of the anchor stores), and the sprawling 110-acre site to be reenvisioned as a mixed-use campus that will include 2,800 residential units, a 120-room hotel, 150,000 square feet for retail and dining, 60,000 square feet of office space, a two-story community center, and a one-and-a-half mile parkway that will surround the project. Unfortunately, the residential plans call for apartments and senior housing, not houses or condos. If that changes though, we will be sure to keep you updated!

New homes in Sterling Heights; the Lakeside Mall redevelopment

New Homes In Sterling Heights – Individual Builds

Of course, in addition to new neighborhoods, there are also builders grabbing individual (or a couple of) lots in existing neighborhoods and building on those. There is also the option to find a vacant parcel and bring in a builder like Kensington Family Homes, Strathdale Development, or utilize Lombardo’s On Your Lot program, to build the home you want. This option, allows you to create the home of your dreams, instead of settling for what a builder is offering in a specific neighborhood.

Whatever it is that you’re searching for, be it new homes in Sterling Heights, or elsewhere in Southeast Michigan, don’t do it alone – let us ensure you’re seeing EVERYTHING out there, and that all options are considered before moving forward. Even better, you can work with us FOR FREE and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on the sale of your current home!

Let’s discuss your new home needs and get your search started ASAP!

The owners of The New Home Experts®, have over 40 years of combined experience in real estate, much of that with builders like Pulte & Toll Brothers.  They also provide market research for area builders, developers, and national firms.  If you’re considering a new home, remember: the builders’ rep represents the builder, not you.  Work with the only local agents in Metro Detroit to specialize in new homes, and save money in the process – ask us how!

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