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April 28, 2017

Lombardo Homes rolled out Lombardo On Your Lot recently, offering their services and any of their floor plans on the lot of your choosing. That is, unless the lot of your choosing is currently located in a Pulte neighborhood.

Otherwise, if you love the idea of a Lombardo Home but prefer to live in the city, or in the middle of nowhere, or wherever Lombardo isn’t currently building, this is now an option.


Lombardo On Your Lot Availability map

Lombardo typically has an inventory of available lots outside of their active neighborhoods, for those who don’t have their own (and couldn’t be bothered to find one on their own), but most do have a parcel of land that they’re either eyeing or have tied up. Once Lombardo gets involved, they can begin the due diligence process on the land and determine if it’s viable for what you’d like to build, and if so, what the development costs will be. There is a fee for this, but if you end up building with Lombardo it is worked into the cost of the home.

One benefit, other than having a well-known builder with a recognizable name build your home, is getting the cost-benefit of a production builder who buys materials in massive quantities.  Unlike many custom builders who might only do 5 or 10 homes a year, Lombardo builds hundreds of homes a year; accordingly, the materials they purchase come at a lower price which – ideally – some of those savings should be turned over to the buyer.  We haven’t tried it yet so we can’t say if that’s the case, but in theory, it should be.

Additionally, we’re hearing rumors that Lombardo is considering financing some of the Lombardo On Your Lot builds themselves, instead of requiring a construction loan.  Both methods of financing are fine – and these days, fairly straightforward – but if Lombardo finances the build, it makes it easier to stay in your current home until the new home is complete.

If you’re interested in the Lombardo On Your Lot program, have your Realtor get in touch with Jaime Byrd or Whitney McCowan (both of whom we love and you know this because we say it all the time); if you aren’t working with a Realtor, you should be – connect with us and let our team represent you!

Whatever it is that you’re searching for, don’t do it alone – let us ensure you’re seeing EVERYTHING out there, and that all options are considered before moving forward. Even better, you can work with us FOR FREE and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on the sale of your current home!

Let’s discuss your new home needs and get your search started ASAP!

Lou Bitove & Jeff Bortnick, owners of The New Home Experts®, have more than 40 years combined experience in real estate, much of that with local builders, and national builders like Pulte & Toll Brothers.  They also provide market research for area builders, developers and national firms.  If you’re considering a new home, remember: the builders rep represents the builder, not you.  Work with the only local agents in Metro Detroit to specialize in new homes, and save money in the process – ask us how!

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