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August 29, 2014

A flat screen T.V.  A new pair of Jimmy Choo’s  A wicked night out with friends + bail money.

$500 can buy you a lot, so why would you just throw it away?

With most real estate offices, you’re doing just that – throwing away $500 or more on ridiculously lazy real estate fees like compliance fees or administrative fees or let’s just make some sh*t up and see if they catch it, fees.  Seriously, your agent is about to make a sizable commission and they’re charging you an administrative fee on top of that?  That commission isn’t enough for them to do a little paper work?  W. T. F.

Sure, sure – you’re thinking I’m already paying $200k on a mortgage, what difference does an extra $500 make?  Hold on Donnie Trump.  That $500 isn’t worked into your mortgage – you’re taking that out of your pocket and paying it at closing.

Listen, we are thrilled to do our jobs and be paid a commission – no bonus monetary incentive needed.  Connect with us today and learn more about how we can save you money for important purchases for the new house.  After all, that above-ground pool ain’t gonna buy itself…

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