Metro Detroit


May 14, 2016

At New Home Experts Realty, it’s no secret that we love new homes – but don’t underestimate our versatility; we can help with all of your real estate needs.  Want to sell your home? We can do that. Interested in checking out the resale market? No problem. Need to unload that body still buried in the backyard from your bachelor party? Sure, we know a guy.

Even if you’re just starting to think about becoming active in the market, let’s grab a coffee and discuss the possibilities – no commitment necessary, you’re still free to see other people. Agents. Whatever. Our number one goal remains helping you find your new home – whether it’s literally new, or simply new to you. Connect with us today and let’s get started. Smiley Face.


Excited Man in Front of Sold Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

FYI – This guy for sure knows about the body in your backyard.

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