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June 29, 2017


Since its opening, it has been assumed that Little Ceasars Arena would host an NBA and NHL all-star game, as is typical when a city opens a new arena.

However, 7-years in and nothing; with both all-star games for 2024 now in the rear-view mirror, the leagues are committed to other locations through 2026, though they claim that Detroit is “on the radar.”

In the past, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has cited District Detroit directly as a reason: “I’d like to see the District finished,” Bettman said in 2017 during a press conference at Little Caesars Arena. “So that when we bring guests in from all over the world, they can see what the entire vision was and how it’s played out.”

The number of current hotel rooms is likely part of the problem, with Detroit falling short of recent requirements.

Additionally, a recent report in The Oklahoman stated that the NBA has several requirements for cities to host an All-Star Game, including a minimum of 7,250 hotel rooms and three five-star hotels, a convention center with 650,000 square feet of exhibition space and 75 nonstop domestic flights and at least 20 international flights.

When the District is completed, the hotel requirements will have been met.

They have 3-years to win favor from both leagues, which would put them at 10-years from when the District was supposed to be completed. Hopefully, they will hit that milestone.


In the time since our original “update” back in June 2017, not much has happened with the District Detroit developments. Of the projects listed in the original post, zero have been completed and only 150 Bagley and the Arena Lofts site have seen activity. For this reason, a fair amount of anger has been focused on the Ilitch Family, who fairly or unfairly, have earned a reputation for over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to development in Detroit. On their own, Comerica Park and Little Caesars Arena are generally regarded as among the best facilities for their respective sports. But with the amount of surrounding development that was promised in order to secure tax-payer assistance for each of those projects, the results have been underwhelming.

So, in mid-2022, a “revised” plan was announced and details were released; some of the original projects were re-imagined, along with entirely new plans for additional parcels within the district. In short, more focus was placed on the areas around the Fox Theater; the vacant (parking) lots behind the theater, and the 2 parking lots across Woodward, in front of Comerica Park. On the flip side, the unstarted projects in the Cass Corridor seem all but abandoned.

Despite the fabulous renderings and optimistic timelines, as we write this, very little activity has been seen since the announcements last year. As recently as last month, Bridge Detroit reported that construction is stalled on the first of 10 projects included in the $1.5 billion District Detroit project, amid sales negotiations with the Detroit-Wayne County Stadium Authority for three parking lots outside Comerica Park.

We will check back in 2024 and update the progress – if any – but our fingers are crossed!!


As the opening of Little Caesars Arena nears, Olympia Development announced 5 projects last month that will be part of the surrounding 50-block area to be known as District Detroit; one additional project just south of the district was announced as well. Of the 6 buildings, 4 are to be renovated and 2 are to be built, totaling 686 apartments and an undisclosed amount of retail space.  Here is a brief breakdown of each building…

District Detroit Update as of June 2017


 Located at 111 Henry St., this new 8-story building will feature 80 residences with 1 & 2-bedroom options; projected to start late 2017.


Located at 120 Henry St., this new 5-story building will feature 145 residences, with a mix of studios, 1, & 2-bedroom options; projected to start in late 2017.


The 18-story former United Artists Theater, built in the 1920s, will be renovated into 148 residences and will include a ground-floor restaurant and coffee shop; projected to start by the end of 2017.


Located at 110 Sproat St., the existing 13-story structure will be converted into 90 residences, with a mix of studios, 1, & 2-bedroom options; projected to start in 2018.


Located next to the Masonic Temple (you know, the building Jack White bought), the 11-story former American Hotel – and before that, the Fort Wayne Hotel – is set to be converted into 163 residences with studio, 1, & 2-bedroom options; projected to start in 2018.


Built in 1890s, and located across the street from the Masonic Temple, the 6-story former Alhambra Apartments will be re-born as 46 residences, with a mix of – you guessed it – studio, 1, & 2 bedroom apartments; projected to start in 2018.

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