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December 12, 2017

Update 9.11.18: this development was awarded a $205k brownfield grant last week from the State of Michigan, to removed contaminated soil on the properties.  At this point, the initial projection for this development to be completed in 2019 seems ambitious/impossible, but it does appear it will at least begin by then.  Read the original post below…

A new $60M development was announced in late October, for the site of the former University Club headquarters, along the east riverfront in Detroit.  1475 East Jefferson will feature over 200 residential units (plus an additional 333 parking spaces), along with the city’s 3rd Meijer store. Located on East Jefferson and surrounded by the historic Lafayette Park and Rivertown districts (in the shadow of the Renaissance Center), Meijer will experiment with a 42,399 sqft small-format store, that will be a fraction of the size of a normal Meijer location; currently, Meijer is testing a small-format store in Grand Rapids.

Developers for the project are expected to include Lormax Stern Development Co. LLC, Dennis Archer Jr., and Marcel Burgler; it’s slated to open in 2019.

For more information, visit The Metro Times

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