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July 15, 2020

It’s Wellness Wednesday!

It’s our Wellness Wednesday post, and I hope everyone is staying cool here in Las Vegas. Excited to share with you Goodness Girl’s nutrition session details that are offered free to our clients!


by Michele Ciancimino

We all have goals around our health, weight, and nutrition, but oftentimes, we just need some help getting there. My job is to help you sort it all out and give you a plan customized to you.

During a complimentary session, I always start by asking what you want to achieve through a nutrition program because every person is different.

Some want to lose weight, regain their energy, or increase their muscle mass, while others long for the vibrant health they had in the past.  Of course, these goals can all be achieved by learning how to live a healthier lifestyle with a plan that is uniquely designed for you.

I offer some basic education on nutrition, supplements, blood glucose, essential oils, and other components of a healthy lifestyle during this session, and I share some of my best strategies for how to reach your goals.

These include eating every few hours and consuming the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for your unique body to stabilize your blood sugar and metabolism.

We also discuss the areas of your health, fitness, and longevity dictated by your individual DNA and how custom nutrition can be the platform for you to improve your nutrition and eat the way your body prefers for the best results.

Contact me to schedule your complimentary session and together, we will discover whether custom nutrition is the best fit for you.

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