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December 10, 2020

by Michele Ciancimino

Does Your Sleep Need a Reset?

Is your sleep less than perfect lately?

It’s no wonder with everything that’s going on in the world and now, with the added holiday stress, getting a restful night of sleep can seem impossible.

It is the perfect time for a reset.

By a “reset,” I mean a short period of time where you follow a routine to get you back on the right track when things are a little “o?.” I suggest picking 3 consecutive days and doing the following:

  • Go to bed at 10 p.m. (if that exact time is not possible, just make sure you do not go to bed later than 11:00). The wake-up time is not as important.
  • Consider what you are eating in the evening. Is it a heavy meal, or something complicated that will require a lot of work for your digestive system? Try to eat a lighter dinner, maybe a warming plant-based soup or stew that is easy to digest. Also, allow your body 3 hours to fully digest before heading o? to bed. If you need some healthy recipes, check out this e-book.
  • Keep your room dark (no phone next to your head) or other light that may disrupt your sleep.
  • Keep the temperature in your room cool (around 65-67 degrees). Snuggle up and put on some socks to keep warm as that is better for your sleep than heating up the room,
  • Move for 30 minutes daily. We are all at home more and sitting more, so taking a brisk walk each day will make you a little more tired and ready to sleep (just don’t exercise close to your bedtime or it may keep you awake).
  • Try di?using some calming essential oils or applying them topically to help your body achieve that sense of peace and calm you need.

Getting back on track with your sleep will boost your immune health, improve your mood, and make your holiday season more enjoyable.

Stay Well,


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