Las Vegas


August 12, 2020

by Michele Ciancimino

You may think that if you’re eating a healthy diet, you don’t need a detox. But, here’s the scoop: Our bodies are constantly working to dispose of toxins from the environment, chemicals in our foods, alcohol, medications, and more.  Our vital organs, when placed under this constant stress, cannot detoxify effectively and this is when illness can appear.

I often hear from clients that they are constantly fatigued and stressed. This is one sign that your body needs to reset and get rid of anything keeping you from your most vibrant health.

Other Tell-Tale Signs:

  • Frequent headaches or brain fog
  • Skin breakouts and blemishes or dull complexion
  • Digestive discomfort, bloating and irregularity
  • Frequent virus, cold or flu
  • Diet high in processed foods and sugar
  • Exposure to environmental toxins (pesticides, household chemicals, cigarette smoke)
  • Carrying excess body weight

To experience relief from these uncomfortable symptoms, join my 14 Day Detox Program. This plant-based clean eating program will give your body a break and allow your natural self-cleansing systems to get back in gear. Your body will thank you for hitting the reset button and getting on the road to better health.

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To Your Best Health!


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