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July 17, 2019

Buying a new home can be a daunting task. That’s why the New Home Experts Las Vegas is there to guide you through the process to ensure you make the right decisions and save money in the process.


Make sure to decide on a budget and a comfortable payment first. Most new-home buyers start looking first and find a home they love just to find out it’s out of their price range. Save time by finding out what you can afford before you start looking at new homes. In fact, it’s probably best to get prequalified by a lender beforehand to know exactly what you can afford.


This is one of the biggest purchases in your lifetime. Make sure to do your research and visit other new home builders and look at used homes on the market before you sign a contract!


Even more important – don’t skimp on the upgrades that are important. Picking the right mix of upgrades for your home can get overwhelming quickly.  Make sure you are not over-upgrading for the neighborhood and also make sure not to skimp on upgrades that you may regret not purchasing after you move in. Which and what varies by home, community and your long-term plans. We can guide you through this process to ensure you make the right choices.


When buying a new home there can be some great incentives attached by the builder and the builder’s lender.  However, make sure to find out what appliances are included, light fixtures, window coverings, etc. as they are all additional costs after you move in. And keep in mind the size of the lot will affect the cost of landscaping afterward.


Many new-home buyers get caught up in the initial buying process without looking at the possibility of resale.  The decisions you are making now will directly affect what you may eventually sell the home for in the future.

Contact us today, we can help you make the right decisions on one of the biggest purchases of your life.

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