10 Reasons to Call North Las Vegas Home

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love North Las Vegas! It’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and a great place to call home because of its affordability and city plan put in place by its managers. With competitive home prices, plenty of future development on the books, North Las Vegas is a city on the move.

But what we’re really excited about, like we mentioned, is what’s in store for North Las Vegas’ future. It’s a city with growth in mind, managed carefully by Mayor John Lee and its city council. The city was kind enough to provide its top 10 reasons why you should call North Las Vegas home – all seconded by The New Home Experts Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for great value and a great investment for the future, contact us to discuss your dream home.

North Las Vegas is Affordable

You can’t find a better value in southern Nevada. Whether you are looking for a starter home or a later-in-life destination house, North Las Vegas likely has it for a steal compared to its neighbors. The mayor and city council have made it a priority to improve home values citywide, and as North Las Vegas develops, that vision is becoming reality. If you invest in a home in North Las Vegas, you will also see a return on your investment faster than in other parts of southern Nevada.

North Las Vegas is Fun

There’s a ton of family-friendly recreation in the city. North Las Vegas is home to three dozen parks, over 14 miles of walking and bike trails that connect to the valley-wide trail system, two golf courses and three recreational centers with programming and facilities for all ages. The beautiful Craig Ranch Regional Park, which spans 170 acres, includes the Amp, a 10,000-capacity entertainment amphitheater for outdoor music, theater and cultural events. More than half a million people visit Craig Ranch every year: There’s a community garden, a skate park, three dog parks, baseball fields and multiple playground areas, as well as tennis, volleyball and basketball courts.

North Las Vegas is Entertaining!

The City of North Las Vegas provides a wide array of free events at parks and facilities throughout the city like movies in the park, fairs and carnivals, and musical events. There are also other public events hosted by third parties on city property for you to enjoy! Maya Cinemas, with the largest movie screen in southern Nevada, opened its doors in 2019, and the 14-screen complex is the anchor of a new downtown North Las Vegas, currently under development.

It’s User Friendly

Whether you are paying a water bill, installing a patio cover or starting a business, clerks and staff at North Las Vegas City Hall greet you with a smile, ready to help. The city has streamlined permitting and licensing processes to make it easy to do business in North Las Vegas, for renters and homeowners, business people and developers. Many options are available online and via an app, which makes for even more ease and efficiency.

North Las Vegas is Diverse

The city has the most ethnically diverse population in Nevada. That brings a blend of cultures and traditions on display at events, businesses and neighborhoods around North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas is Intelligent

There are a number of quality and innovative educational options within the city limits. North Las Vegas boasts one five-star and three four-star public schools operated by the Clark County School District, providing quality education for elementary and middle school students. CCSD plans to build a vocational training high school in North Las Vegas in the near future. The College of Southern Nevada operates CSN High School, a dual-credit, college preparatory program. The City has also recruited four highly rated charter and private schools to open in North Las Vegas in the past four years, with more in the works.

North Las Vegas is Innovative

The mayor, city council and city staff have focused on innovation and efficiency for citizens and businesses citywide. Whether you need to pay your water bill, file for permits or move a business here, we are able to handle your request expeditiously and efficiently!

North Las Vegas is Studious

The North Las Vegas Library District has three branches, City Hall, Alexander, and Aliante. The library branches offer many things to the public like public reference services, arts and crafts, storytelling, cultural and civic programs, and public use of computers and the internet. The City Hall branch will soon move into a new home in downtown North Las Vegas as part of a historic school site renovation and new park being constructed by the City of North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas is Historic

Some of southern Nevada’s earliest settlers established Kiel Ranch, which is now a beautifully restored City park. Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument dates back a bit further – 200,000 years! – and includes significant paleontological resources from the Ice Age, including the Columbian Mammoth, extinct horses, camels and bison, and the dire wolf.

North Las Vegas is a Safe City

With a public safety force of almost 600 trained personnel, the City of North Las Vegas offers dedicated municipal police and fire service to residents and businesses. The North Las Vegas Police Department maintains a strong presence in the community to interact with residents and keep neighborhoods safe. That effort is paying off – crime rates continue to fall citywide. The North Las Vegas Fire Department provides 24/7 service from eight fire stations across the city, able to respond to almost any location within a few minutes.  

There are more exciting, new communities in North Las Vegas than ever before, including the Villages of Tule Springs and Valley Vista. Contact us today to learn more, and let us help you discover your dream home.