The Hartz Building

Last month one of the recently-completed townhomes in City Modern (Brush Park), hit the resale market at $1.6M, raising eyebrows and turning heads. Not to be outdone, the developers of 3 luxury condo units coming to The Hartz Building (home of the Detroit Beer Co.) took note and were like here, er, “hold my Beer Co!” and announced that their units would range from $1.55M to $1.65M.

Located on Broadway, near John R. (and in the center of practically everything downtown), each unit will take up an entire floor in the 6-story building, with the price increasing from the 4th floor upwards to the 6th floor. Expect the plans to include 3 bedrooms and roughly 3,000 sqft of living space. You can read more via Curbed Detroit here

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