Buyer Guides Super Pack

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New Homes 101 eBook

Learn about the key advantages of building a new home with this eBook. We’ll simplify the process into a few easy steps for you to use. This guide will get you one step closer to closing on your dream house.

In A Sellers Market, Build!

With hundreds of new homes available now and thousands ready to be built, just about any price point in southeast Nevada can be accommodated—no bidding wars, appraisal concerns, or escalating costs of updating a resale home. This guide encourages your decision to build.

Us vs. The Average Resale Agent

The average agent spends most of their time on resale houses and rarely are aware of new home construction or financing a new home. Many of these resale agents have been through this building process less than once. This guide shows you the advantages of working with us.

Why The Internet Isn't Replacing Realtors

Buying or selling a home is a complex and time consuming process. Working with a qualified realtor will save time and frustration. This guide helps you avoid falling in love with a house, only to find out it’s pending, sold already, or not even for sale. Don’t search alone!

How To Negotiate The Best Price On Your New Home

Purchasing a new home for the best price isn't easy. Buyers need experienced agents on their side. Learn how value, the market, and timing has a direct effect on negotiating the best deal on your new home. Plus, learn why working with the New Home Experts® is your best bet!

Timing the Sale of your Current Home

Many things need to be considered when building a new home and selling your old one. Things like time of year, loan options, and personal schedules matter. Learn how the New Home Experts® typically sell clients' existing homes and time it perfectly with the new build. Plus, sell your old home with us and save thousands!