What is a Quick Move-In New Home?

Construction on a brand new home can normally take anywhere from four months to sometimes over a year! But there are times when some builders will have homes for sale, which are ready to go or near completion for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a builder might build a home on spec. Other times, the original buyer is not able to purchase the home.

What do these circumstances mean for you?

Builders do not like UNSOLD, finished homes on their books! These homes will be ready in 60 days or less (or already completed), and the builder is motivated to sell. This can turn into an excellent opportunity for you to negotiate a great price or great incentives on that property. But these days, quick move-in homes can be difficult to come across as they don’t last long. At the New Home Experts, we often know in advance where these deals are, and we have experience negotiating the best deal on a new home for you. Fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you regarding the best deals that are available now. Also, if you purchase a brand new home through us that closes in 60 days or less, you will receive a $1,000 gift card to Best Mattress!

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