Video: Pre-Drywall Walk

New Video! Lou says “opportunity” more than anyone normal and put together an informative, edited, and (most importantly) short video about what to expect on a pre-drywall walk. FYI – it doesn’t actually involve taking your drywall on a walk which is great because Jeff’s had a heck of a time finding an appropriately sized stroller… #themoreyouknow #whatyoualreadyknew

Walking the home prior to the drywall being hung is a great opportunity to make sure all your electrical and plumbing locations are correct, that none of your electrical, plumbing or HVAC upgrades were missed, and to take a video of the skeleton of your house, for future use. Future use? One day when you need to hang something, drill something, remove something, or whatever destructive project you have in mind, it’ll be good to have a reference of what’s behind the wall you’re about to annihilate. If you’d like to learn more about building a new home and working with us, let’s chat!

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