Steps in the Homebuilding Process

How exactly are homes built you ask?  Well well, you’ve come to the right destination…

Overall, the process involves numerous material suppliers, skilled trades, city inspectors, construction managers, sales agents, and more.  Communication is key, and we’re here to help keep clients happy and builders accountable.  As you can imagine, things go wrong.

The nuts and bolts…err, hammer and nails…whatever:

  • Selections

    customer selects community, floor plan, and elevation.   Interior & exterior selections are completed including structural options, finish options, plumbing / HVAC / electrical, exterior brick / siding / roof / paint colors, and more

  • Permit

    builder submits plans for permit with the city

  • Pre-construction meeting

    builder receives permit from the city, sits down with us and the customer for a pre-construction meeting outlining expectations, the plot plan, the process, timing, and more

  • Foundation 

    the lot is staked, hole is dug, and basement footings and walls are poured.  After curing, waterproofing is completed, the walls are backfilled, and garage wall trench and block is completed

  • Rough Framing

    the structural steel, lumber, trusses, windows, exterior trim, and shingles are installed by a carpentry crew and the house begins to take shape

  • Rough Mechanicals

    the plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, and low voltage elements are installed per your specifications and selections and the home is sealed up and heated getting ready for insulation and drywall install.  Most homes are also energy sealed at this point

  • Pre-drywall Meeting

    we walk the home with the construction manager and learn about what’s behind the walls before drywall is installed, typically get an idea regarding closing date at this point

  • Insulation 

    walls and ceiling are insulated, either blown-in or batted depending on builder

  • Drywall

    drywall is installed, mudded, taped, sanded, and primed.  You have walls!

  • Exterior finishes

    around the time of drywall install, you’ll see many things happening outside as well including concrete work, exterior paint, porch posts, garage door install, and more.  Exterior work depends on weather, and here in Michigan time of year makes a big difference

  • Trim & Cabinets

    a finish carpenter installs trim details including base and door trim, doors, crown molding, wainscoting, and whatever other trim selections you chose.  Plus, kitchen and bathroom cabinets!

  • Paint

    interior paint, walls and ceilings

  • Flooring & Countertops

    tile, vinyl, hardwood, and countertops are installed

  • Final Mechanicals

    plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, switches, floor registers and more installed

  • Carpet

    among one of the finishing touches is carpet and padding, paint touch ups, mirror installs, TP and towel bar holders, and more

  • Final Walk Through and Final Cleaning

    typically about a week or two before closing, customers will enjoy a final walk and learn about warranty issues, how to use the home, and pick out final details that need attention


That’s it! 

You close and typically have a 3 and 12 month warranty follow up period depending on builder.

work with the new home experts®

Building a new home is a long and involved process.  It’s a good idea to tackle the process with an expert, trusted resource on your side ensuring a smooth transaction.  We’ve been through hundreds of builds, don’t start the process without us!